Old Songs, New Inspiration

Sometimes I listen a song and for hours, even days the song plays time and again in my mind. And now and again a music comes to thoughts for no apparent motive. It surely seeps into my cognizance from a few lengthy forgotten reminiscence rising from hidden recesses. Perhaps absolutely shaped or perhaps it will take time to reformulate, being mulled round subconsciously till enough pieces fall into place to form a chorus or perhaps even a verse or two. Playing softly away inside the heritage of my thoughts, till sooner or later the volume has increased to a degree that it knocks squarely at the door of my attention.

Today, this tune from long ago did just that.

Today even as the blossoms nonetheless dangle to the vine,

I’ll flavor your strawberries I’ll drink your candy wine,

A million tomorrows shall all pass away,

‘Ere I neglect all of the pleasure this is mine these days…

I can’t be contented with yesterdays glories,

I can’t stay on promises winter thru spring.

Today is my moment and now is my tale,

I’ll giggle and I’ll cry and I’ll sing.”

With songs, as with books or other facts, there are regularly new revelations whilst

revisited over time. This has come up in some distinctive conversations recently. “Wow, I simply study that again and had a whole new information” “Did you ever actually listen to the words of that tune?” “How is it that I even have examine that so typically and just now I see what it’s miles without a doubt announcing?” It is fascinating to me how existence appears to have subject matters. It is like an episode of a great drama (or sit com) where the equal theme is woven via many story lines trying 인천다국적 to ‘get the message throughout’.

I even have hummed and sung this old tune oftentimes in years long gone by means of, but by some means resurrecting it I pay attention the words once more for the primary time (yes that little oxymoron become intentional).

Today is your moment and now could be your story. We can not be contented with yesterdays glories – or we omit the opportunity for glory is THIS second. We can’t live on guarantees of what is probably or we omit out on the guarantees fulfilled in our present revel in. Savor the blossoms, flavor the strawberries… Let us chortle… And cry… And sing!

My wish for us each nowadays, is that we no longer squander one million tomorrows ‘ere we forget all of the pleasure that is ours nowadays.